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Creation Date: 
Work Creator Name: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Display Measurement: 
113 3/8 x 158 5/8 in. (288.0 x 402.8 cm)
Work Material Name: 
oil paint
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Current Work Location Name: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Creation Location: 
Westminster, Maryland
Work Inscription: 
Clyfford 1969
Work Inscription: 
PH-685 1969 114 x 160
Work Inscription Author: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Description: 
A frenzied, ochre field covers this massive horizontal painting. Various lifelines surrounded by a lighter, more golden ochre color, enter and split the darker ochre field from all directions. The largest rises from the lower right edge, and runs up off the top edge of the canvas. Another enters from the left, and runs horizontally over towards the work's center. Most of the lines are rendered in black pigment, though one along the right edge is painted in a bright yellow pigment. A flickering green form sits in the bottom left corner. Several tiny dashes of red and orange dot the ocher field throughout.
Clyfford Still, PH-685, 1969. Oil on canvas, 113 3/8 x 158 5/8 inches (288.0 x 402.8 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO.
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© City and County of Denver / ARS, NY
Image Holding Institution: 
Clyfford Still Museum
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CSM Art Collection: Objects
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Photo: Gary Regester, courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum