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Creation Date: 
Work Creator Name: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Display Measurement: 
20 x 13 in. (50.8 x 33.0 cm)
Work Material Name: 
oil paint
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Current Work Location Name: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Creation Location: 
Richmond, Virginia
Work Inscription: 
Clyfford 1944 PH-538
Work Inscription Author: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Description: 
A seated, nude, abstracted figure is seen from the back. The figure is composed of black lines of various widths. The composition's top left corner and left edge are filled with a powdery blue pigment, which is highlighted by a sketchy white line wrapping around the figure's shoulder. Yellow is seen at the top right edge, just the right of the figure's head. The rest of the composition has been left unpainted.
Clyfford Still, PH-538, 1944. Oil on paper, 20 x 13 inches (50.8 x 33.0 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO.
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© City and County of Denver / ARS, NY
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Clyfford Still Museum
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CSM Art Collection: Objects
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Photo: Gary Regester, courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum