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Work Type: 
paintings (visual works)
Title Notes: 
no title
Creation Date: 
Work Creator Name: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Display Measurement: 
37 1/2 x 49 inches (95.3 x 124.5 cm)
Work Material Name: 
oil paint (paint)
Work Material Support Name: 
Work Technique Name: 
palette knives (painting equipment)
Work Technique Name: 
Work Style Period: 
Regionalist (American Scene)
Work Style Period: 
Current Work Location Name: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Creation Location: 
San Francisco, California
Work Inscription: 
Clyfford 42
Work Inscription Author: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Description: 
In this monumental painting, Still depicts the shipbuilding industry and shipyards of the San Francisco Bay Area during the Second World War. An enormous purple and blue battleship dominates the horizon and fades out of view at the right where it is blocked by a giant gray-purple sloped industrial building sitting near the right edge of the canvas. The sea is visible beyond the ship's rudder at the bottom left. Multiple cranes surround the ship and building, scaffolding can be seen against the ship's near side, and tiny figures and a yellow truck line the foreground. All of these elements come together to create a busy industrial scene highlighting the fervid hard work characteristic of wartime America.
Clyfford Still, PH-620, 1942. Oil on canvas, 37 1/2 x 49 inches (95.3 x 124.5 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO.
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© City and County of Denver / ARS, NY
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Clyfford Still Museum
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CSM Art Collection: Objects
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Photo: Gary Regester, courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum