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Work Type: 
paintings (visual works)
Title Notes: 
no title
1946-No. 2
Creation Date: 
Work Creator Name: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Display Measurement: 
72 x 43 1/2 inches (182.9 x 110.5 cm)
Work Material Name: 
oil paint (paint)
Work Material Support Name: 
Work Technique Name: 
palette knives (painting equipment)
Work Style Period: 
Work Style Period: 
Abstract Expressionist
Current Work Location Name: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Creation Location: 
San Francisco, California
Work Inscription: 
Clyfford 46
Work Inscription Author: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Description: 
Deep, earthy brown pigment fills the composition. Two black vertical forms emerge from the bottom of the canvas, rising alongside each other until about half-way up the canvas, when the form at right seems to overpower the form at left and rises up off the top edge of the work. A thin, disjointed blue-green lifeline runs through the core of this taller black form. Gray and white forms rise into each of the black forms from the bottom edge. Small accents of a lighter brown appear at the top left corner and along the top right edge of the taller black form. A small burst rendered in white, black, and red flutters in the top right quadrant.
Clyfford Still, PH-598, 1946. Oil on canvas, 72 x 43 1/2 inches (182.9 x 110.5 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO.
Work Rights Statement: 
? City and County of Denver
Image Holding Institution: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Image Collection Name: 
CSM Art Collection: Objects
Image Rights Statement: 
Photo: Ben Blackwell, courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum