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Work Type: 
paintings (visual works)
Title Notes: 
no title
Creation Date: 
Work Creator Name: 
Still, Clyfford
Work Display Measurement: 
87 x 69 inches (221 x 175.3 cm)
Work Material Name: 
oil paint (paint)
Work Material Support Name: 
Work Technique Name: 
palette knives (painting equipment)
Work Style Period: 
Abstract Expressionist
Current Work Location Name: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Creation Location: 
San Francisco, California
Work Description: 
A rich charcoal blue-gray, almost black pigment covers the majority of this medium-sized, vertical canvas. A bolt of cerulean blue shoots up through the gray field from the bottom edge to roughly three-fourths of the way up the canvas. A tiny blue form floats to the upper left of this bolt, as if it has broken off from the main form, floating into the dark void beyond. A tiny passage of vermilion red sits along the canvas' top edge at center. The areas immediately surrounding the colored forms are more saturated and reflective than their more matte gray surroundings, suggesting that Still perhaps added additional black pigment and/or a varnish to the surface around the forms for emphasis.
Clyfford Still, PH-605, 1950. Oil on canvas, 87 x 69 inches (221 x 175.3 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO.
Work Rights Statement: 
© City and County of Denver / ARS, NY
Image Holding Institution: 
Clyfford Still Museum
Image Collection Name: 
CSM Art Collection: Objects
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Photo: Ben Blackwell, courtesy the Clyfford Still Museum